Television Aerial Fitters; Making the Right Choice!

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If you are in the position of having to get your aerial fixed or in many cases, replaced, then it is advisable to get a qualified & fully insured engineer. With the number of aerial fitters offering their services on the internet, local newspapers and the occasional flyer posted through your letter box, it is no wonder that many feel overwhelmed with the choice. Some think that it doesn’t really matter who comes out and carries out an aerial installation. However, if the fitter isn’t insured or he has only limited knowledge of the subject, it could end up being a costly mistake.

Tips to Finding a Qualified Aerial Fitter

The engineers that care about their chosen occupation will have taken the decision to invest in their own skills by either completing an NVQ in it, or by joining an accredited body such as the Rdi or the cai. These industry bodies are set up to provide additional training in fitting aerials and all that it encompasses & are also a way of vetting each engineer to verify his or her skills and ability to carry out aerial installation work to a correct and proper degree. By asking the company before they come to your home if they have any accreditation & insurance will eradicate the vast number of lesser qualified fitters out there.

When an engineer is at the property, and they are quoting for the work that you require, it is good to ask for a couple of option since in my opinion, there can be a number of ways to fix a problem and not all are the same cost. Getting a fixed price for the work before anything has been touched is also a must since a job can be added to as the fitter proceeds with the work. You want to know that the price that has been quoted will be the final price at the end of the installation. For free advice on getting the best Aerial Fitters are a good source of info.

A Simple Aerial Fix That Doesn’t Require an Engineer

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